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The Canary CoverPreview

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ISBN: 9781365980909

Levi Kealoha, a biology teacher at Miami-Dade High School, hails from the beautiful island of Maui. Attending graduate school in Miami, Florida and now working on his doctorate degree, his career is moving forward and his life is going just as he had planned it. The only thing lacking is that special woman he’s been patiently waiting for to complete him.

Just when Levi believes that he will have to put his search for Mrs. Right on hold, KenLeigh N’Diaye walks into his life. The half-Irish, half-Mozambican Little Rock native is beautiful, immediately catching his eye. Everything about her is perfect. However, one thing keeps them apart. 

Looking for Mrs. Right can be a dangerous game, especially when she’s already married…

Rating: M

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